Caja con 16 experiencias de aprendizaje, materiales, instrucciones y rutinas de pensamiento

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Precio: $200.000  Envió incluido


“Potenciando habilidades de pensamiento, aprendizaje significativo y formación integral   en  seres humanos únicos y talentosos capaces de trasformar e impactar su entorno.”

 “Strengthening thinking abilities, significant learning and integral formation in unique and talented human beings, able to transform and impact their environment

As institution we believe in what we do and we enjoy it in the daily day. Educating is part of our dreams and that what gives sense to our lives. In the same way, we desire to provide adecuate environments for our kids, so they will live their childhood in the best way without advancing processes. We involve families as fundamental agents. We all are sure that together we build the great JBB family.

Jardin Infantil Bilingue el bosque
Baby Mozart
4 meses- 1 año
Baby Beethoven 
1 año – 2 años
Creative Dalís
2 años -3 años
Little Picassos
3 años- 4 años
Little Einstein
4 años-5 años
Amazing Newton
5 años

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